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Designs for the Winter - Needlecraft Magazine 1915

Ladies Suit
Well suited to the season is this charming suit, No. 7487 and No. 7477, which has the new blouse coat made with the upper part separate from the circular peplum. The closing is high, but the arrangement of the neck is adjustable so that the coat may be worn closed or open at will. The sleeves are plain and may flare at the wrist or not, as desired.
The simple walking-skirt made with four gores, and has a front closing. There are pockets at each side of the front, and additional change-pockets on the belt.
The present season is marked by the use of fur on all manner of garments. On this suit it serves effectively as trimming for collar, cuffs and peplum-edge. A band may also edge the skirt.
This style is much liked for velveteen and for broadcloth, as well as for some of the heavier novelty mixtures.
The coat - pattern, No. 7487, is cut in sizes from 34 to 44 inches bust measure. To make the coat in the medium size will require 2 3/4 yards of 44-inch material, with 4 1/2 yards of fur to trim as shown.
The skirt - pattern, No. 7477, is cut in sizes from 22 to 34 inches waist measure. To make the skirt in the medium size will require 2 3/4 yards of 44 inch material.

Ladies' and Misses' Evening Coat
There is hardly anyone who does not at some time during the winter season need an evening wrap. The one shown, No. 7473, is simple in style, and depends upon the material used for its richness of effect.
The fronts are plain, closed in the center, with adjustable collar which miay be worn closed or open. The back is seamless, but a seam will scarcely show should narrow material require one. There is just a little easing of the fabric around the neck, giving graceful lines below. The sleeves are plain and wide, inserted in the regulation manner.
Such a coat as this will be handsome in any of the new velvet weaves, waterfall, velours, or plush and also in satin, broadcloth and similar materials. These, will all require an interlining. Fur makes a smart trimming, but something less costly may be substituted if desired.
The coat - ptttern, No. 7473, is cut in sizes for 34, 38 and 42 inches bust measure. To make the coat in the medium size will require 5 3/4 yards of 36 inch material, with 5 3/8 yards of fur banding.

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