Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Treasure Cots and Maternity Frocks - 1932

You can click this twice and look really closely and you still won't see how that Frock could cover a baby!


  1. Prepare for baby's arrival, and then drown it in frill! Fabulous. As is elongated lady in her very convincing maternity outfit.

    And how things change... 103 Oxford St is now an 'adult' store that sells sex toys (I googled it, I hasten to add...).

  2. mmm, I'd like to know how that maternity frock is engineered so that it can be 'expanded as required' - all I can think of is that the skirt has some sort of cut out panel int he front and the top?

  3. I keep seeing Maternity outfits that sure didn't allow for much "growth". Till the fifties. Then there were tent dresses and huge tops...comfort at last!
    Also, I think gals in an "advanced" state of pregnancy just didn't go out much in these days.