Friday, March 5, 2010

Suit-Able Accessory...Trim but not Prim...this brow-revealing, brightly ribboned hand-crocheted Beret is packable. - 1947

"BERETS shouldn't be dull, and this one has no such ideas. See the tilt to the side, the new be-ribboned effect, It makes a difference, a very smart difference. Select your favorite shade of Hiawatha Belastraw and crochet yours now."


Hiawatha Belastraw Art 35, 2 tubes
Steel crochet hook No. 00
3 Yards plaid taffeta ribbon 11/2" wide


With double strand of Belastraw, ch 4. Join with sl st into ring. 1st rnd - 7 sc in ring* 2nd rnd - Work sc and dc in each st around (14 sts - 7 increases). 3rd rnd - *Sc in next sc, thread over, insert hook from right to left around post of nexl dc and draw loop through, (thread over and draw through 2 loops) twice - dc made around post of dc. Repeat from * around (7 points). 4th rnd *Sc in each st to next dc, sc in dc, dc around post of same dc. Repeat from * around (7 increases). Repeat 4th rnd thus increasing 7 sts each rnd until piece is about 12" across. There will be 1 st more between post sts on each rnd. Work sc even until 2 1/2" from points.


1st rnd - *Skip next sc, sc in next sc. Repeat from * around. Work sc for 1 1/2" decreasing if necessary for headsize. Trim with ribbon as illustrated using double thickness of ribbon for loops.

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