Friday, May 28, 2010

The Diplomat - Travel-Fashion- Society Review, March 1957 - Part 2

"Lace and Leather" This refers to spring suits and leather handbags...both groups well shown here.

The little lace suit in light pussy-willow grey. The lace is Alencon, and reembroidered, which gives it both beauty and body. The short jacket is fastened with rhinestone buttons, and tops a peg-top slim skirt. Designed by Matlin. Hat by Mr. Arnold. T-strap sandals by I. Miller. Marvella pearls.

The darling of current fashion is the cape, and here it is handsomely tailored in an Alencon type lace, topping its own slim skirt. Designed by Matlin. $125.00. Hat by Mr. Arnold. V-shaped pumps by I. Miller.

Open, this navy tissue wool, three-quarter length coat shows a colorful silk lining, gay as springtime, to match the print of the blouse. The high-rising belt is important, as as the peg-top skirt, By Irene, sold at Gunther Jaeckel.

A striking chess board print flashes out with each step of the way, in a pleated petti-skirt that is part of this black mohair coat-dress. Raglan-sleeved wide-belted, pearl buttoned, it is designed by Irene. Gunther Jaeckel carries it.

This classic black calf bag, made in France by Rosenthal, is stitched to outline the horseshoe handles, which are anchored with gold hinges. Piping defines the rounded base and sides. The bag is leather lined. Available at Plymouth Shops. About $35.00 (plus tax). Coat by Carmel. Hat by Mr. John.

Looking at you, is the charming new French chanteuse, Suzanne Bernark, now making her debut in New York. She carries a real French handbag imported by Bergdorf Goodman. A large envelope in polished kid, with scalloped edge and slip-button closing, it is fine for toting scripts and song sheets wherever she goes, along with the make-up and money. The hat is Mr. John's version of the Basque beret.

C'est formidable! In the inimitable French manner, this luxurious tailored giant envelope bag states the importance of a good big bag for the woman who has everything and wants to take it with her. The leather-lined bag is of softest reversed calf, with piped, rounded base. The handle is plain calf. Made in France by Rosenthal, one can buy it in Macy's for approximately $35.00 (plus tax). Hat by Mr. John. Coat by Carmel.

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