Saturday, May 1, 2010

Let's talk to Co-eds from 1958

"Here are the livingest, lovingest styles you've ever seen, fashioned for every occasion, from coke clatch to stadium session ..." Let's see what these campus cuties have to say."

Perky Polly want's to know if the Pat Boone song coming out of her transistor radio matches the record note for note. Madge thinks she's so kooky!

Gloria want's us all to think she's a Foreign Exchange student. She rides around on that Lambretta and fakes an accent. But she's really from Milwaukee. Nobody likes her.

Millie's no fool...she wants a Doctor and she's not messing around. She listened to her Mama and hung around the library till she found out where the Pre-Meds hung out. Dean is a gonner...and he doesn't even know it yet.

You can always count on Susie. She signs up for everything. Even putting up the decorations for the Spring Dance...she's swell!

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