Saturday, May 1, 2010

Let's talk to more Co-eds from 1958

What else are the girls up to?

Stacy is in love. He's back home in Maine, but she's staying true. And goes around all sappy and mooning over him. It's a bit much really.

Vivian is head of Future Homemakers of America, the Junior League, and the Spring Social. How she finds time to get that 4 point is a mystery...but she does have these little pills...

Jayne is a local girl...she is real lucky to get to go to a major school like this. But she works in the school canteen and lives at home, so that helps. Everybody thinks she's very sweet, (but nobody you have to invite to anything).

Ann comes from real old money, the collage gym is named after her grandfather. But after her coming out at last years Debutante Ball she took up with that Miller boy and hasn't told her folks. It isn't going to be pretty when they find out.

OK, everybody knows how Tracy got a passing grade in History. And when the professors wife finds out....


  1. Hi! These are so funny, I was actually laughing out loud. :D And not just that but the pictures are actually really cute too.

  2. I love that brief but nearly forgotten period in 20th-century history when the idea of women in tertiary education was dizzyingly novel and titillating. The thrill is summed up in the word "coed", which basically meant the on-campus equivalent of a stewardess -- young, frisky and only nominally engaged in serious work. Flash forward 40 years and female university students were just schlubs rolling out of bed and staggering into morning lectures in our pajamas like everyone else.