Sunday, May 2, 2010

One last visit with the Campus Co-eds from 1958

There are just a few more of these campus queens!

Donna loves it here...she's having the time of her life! Everybody is SO nice and helpful. And she hasn't even signed up for classes yet!

Jim thinks that Sandy has finally gone too far...appreciates the gift, but, well...he needs to explain to her about Tom.

Rhonda is sure she'll be pledged into the best Sorority. She has the right clothes, the right hair and jewelry. But best of all she has access to all the grades since she works in the Deans office. Should be a shoo-in.

Angie goes everyday to watch the Crew Team...she wants to start a girls team and beat their pants off!

Sandra isn't even in collage...she just want's to hang around all those young guys.

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  1. Thanks, I was hoping you'd have some more of these. :)