Monday, May 31, 2010

The Diplomat - Travel-Fashion- Society Review, March 1957- Part 4 - From Rome...Cocktail Suits for Men

I wonder what happened to the idea of Cocktail Suits? And I sure wish these were in color because they sound pretty spectacular!

"Rome, which in the past has shown little imagination in men's attire for the cocktail hour, the theatre, and the not too-formal dinner, now is doing something about it. Specifically, Gaetano Savini of Brioni has designed a series of men's suits for the parties to which women wear cocktail dresses. He feels that the business suit is too workaday, sportswear not right, and the black tie too formal for the after-5 social hours, so he has created the cocktail suit for men. Here are three of the more conservative models imported by Hess Brothers of Allentown, Pennsylvania, (from whom you can buy them). They are photographed in the newly-opened Bird Cage Bar at the Pierre Hotel in New York. The "little dinner" dresses herewith pictured are all from Fontana of Rome." (All photos by Hale Haberman)

"An iridescent copper-colored Diipioni silk jacket, doublebreasted, with shawl collar and Roman cuffs. There's a double breasted vest-(hidden bere)-in copper and black. Black silk tapered trousers. The shirt is mushroom pleated, with lace edging on bosom and color. $500.00. The dress is white net, with feathery sprays worked out in glistening paillettes."

" A jacket of deep red mohair, single -breasted and three buttoned, with self cuffs and black collar. The trousers are black and red striped mohair. The double-breasted vest is of pearl grey Dupioni silk, and the shirt has a soft wing collar with red and white striped cuffs. Bow tie. $450.00. The dinner dress is white lace over pale yellow silk."

" A cutaway jacket with shawl collar in Giorgione blue wool flannel, with trousers of charcoal grey mohair. The vest is gold-colored, single-breasted, with shawl collar. Mushroom pleated shirt with ruffled edges and collar. Skinny bow tie in gold brocade. $400.00. The dress in ice blue Italian silk satin, is sprinkled with clusters of iridescent paillettes."

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