Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Fashion World - Wonderful Patterns from 1934!

So here's a very cool, but mysterious find. This magazine/advertising booklet is titled The Fashion World and this Summer of 1934 issue has loads of fabulous thirties fashion illustrations. But they are all for patterns that are only listed as "W" and a number. Nowhere could I find who sold these, or really any details. And this copy is falling apart, the edges are worn and it's a little to large for my scanner. So what we will see are some wonderful dresses and great style details, but not much background info. So if any of you can fill in the gaps here it would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise let's just enjoy some eye candy.

More to come...

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  1. This is complete guess, but I wonder if the W stands for World and the patterns were printed by the magazine. As a girl in the 50's, I vaguely remember my mother ordering patterns from newspapers and magazines that had numbers that began with an initial that stood for the name of the paper or magazine.